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How It Works

So, in a nutshell, this is how things work at 'Just Pure'.

You give us all of your paperwork on as regular a basis as you physically can - after all, the more regular it is, the more up-to-date information we can provide.

We'll then scan it into Receipt Bank so there's always a copy of your invoice available should you ever need it - then the paper copies? We'll securely destroy them for you - who needs paperwork?

We then transfer all that information into Xero, which in turn stores ANOTHER copy of your invoice - so you'll always have two copies stored in our software - safe, and sound.

We'll then take control from there - but at the same time we'll give you read-only access to Xero so you can see your figures at anytime, anywhere - after all, we've nothing to hide from you!

We believe our service is SO different to the historical way of bookkeeping - in the old days you gave your bookkeeper your records and the records were, in effect, 'hidden away' from you so you were never really sure even if they'd been done!

Here, we've nothing to hide - so you get total visibility on everything we do for you.

The Ultimate in Bookkeeping Services
Just Pure Bookkeeping Lewes Uses Xero & Receipt Bank

accountants Fareham Hampshire

accountants Fareham Hampshire

Just Pure Ltd., Crystal Clear Bookkeeping Solutions
Bookkeeping Lewes East Sussex

book keeping Lewes East Sussex