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Just Pure Ltd., Book-keeping & Accountants Fareham, Hampshire

Just Pure Ltd. is a friendly accounts, tax, book-keeping & tax credits service - accountants based in Fareham, Hampshire

A few tax tips from Just Pure Ltd. Book-keeping & Accountants Fareham

accountants Fareham Hampshire We would like to share a few "tax tips" with you - we hope you find them useful.

Pay tax on time - more useful than you might think! The Inland Revenue charge interest on late payments... be late and you could pay a lot more than you bargained for!

Submit your tax return on time - again, another basic tip but doing it can save you lots of money! With the fines starting at £100 for even being a day late, it pays to be on time!

Don't forget Class 2 - no, we're not going back to school! You must always check if you are self-employed that you are paying Class 2 National Insurance contributions (unless you are earning less than the threshold). It's not a lot but the difficulties can be if it's found you're not paying it!

Don't try to pull the wool over the Inland Revenue's eyes - it might seem tempting, but it just isn't worth it - the chances of you being found out are too high.

Claim your personal allowance - everyone gets a personal allowance each tax year - in other words, what you can earn before you pay any tax - use it!

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